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Web site design & hosting

If you want a Web site built or updated for your business or organization, the process can seem overwhelming.

Leemark Communications can help by creating a well-designed, affordable Web site that meets your needs.

We'll help you identify your goals and build a site within your budget. We can get you your own domain name ( and register your Web site with search engines. Plus, we offer affordable Web hosting.

Leemark's strength is creating sites with crisp copy, strong editing, intuitive layout and compelling photos, logos and maps. See the portfolio page for examples. We can even add audio and/or video.

Frequently Asked Questions ...

1. How can your prices be so much lower?

Leemark doesn't have the overhead other firms do. We're a small business without a storefront or big office building. That lets us give you a better price.

2. Can't I just build a site myself using off-the-shelf software from the local superstore?

Sure you can. But, there's a learning curve to any software. What's more, some Web-site design programs use templates that limit your site's individuality and customization. It also takes time to design something that will be appealing and intuitive. Leemark can create a Web site for you and then, if you want, show you how to use store-bought software to update the information on the site yourself.

We also know which graphic formats to use for which types of images, how to compress images enough to load quickly yet look good, and other tricks of the trade. Plus, we test each site on multiple browsers to ensure broad compatibility for visitors to your site.

3. I've heard of some Web firms offering free sites to small businesses. Why can't I just use one of those?

You can. But the old saying "there's no such thing as a free lunch" applies to Web sites, too. Web firms that build and host your site for free usually give you a simple-template site and require you to include outside advertising on it.

Leemark offers a unique combination of personalized attention, great design and prices that don't break your bank account. For more information, please contact us.

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