Can you fit three bikes and three people in a Honda Fit? Yes!

photo of a 2009 Honda Fit
photo of a 2009 Honda Fit at Rocky Arbor State Park in Wisconsin

The Honda Fit is a small, fuel efficient car with lots of storage space. Hence the name “Fit.”

For mileage, I’ve gotten as low as 24.5 miles per gallon and as high as 41.1 m.p.g., on a full tank of gas, driving a 2009 Honda Fit. (Vehicles tend to get lower mileage during extremely cold weather.)

But perhaps you are wondering, as I was:
Can you fit three bikes and three people in a Honda Fit?

The answer is Yes!

I managed to fit these three bikes inside a Fit:

  • one 26-inch adult bike on the left, with front tire removed via quick-release,
  • one 24-inch teen bike, with no tires removed (went in the middle), and
  • one 26-inch adult bike, with both front AND rear tires removed via quick release.
    The bike tires were then put in separately. There were still three seats available for passengers.

Watch this video to see more on how I did it:

Video TRT: 04:19‚Äč (4 minutes and 19 seconds)

I am not sure if this could also be done with other Honda Fit model years besides the 2009. Let me know in the comments section if you’ve tried it.

You are responsible for making sure that you have adequate visibility and that the car can be operated in a safe manner.

Happy travels!