Welcome to Leemark.com

Leemark Communications designs and develops Web sites, produces videos and offers many other services.

My name is Chris Lee and I’ve been building and maintaining Web sites since 1998.

In 1999, after years working in journalism and video production, I founded Leemark Communications.

If you need a Web site built or a video created, I do that.

If your current Web firm won’t respond or you have parted ways, I can take over maintenance of existing Web sites.

Or if you have a pesky issue with your Web site that you want solved, let’s talk.

Leemark Communications provides high-quality yet affordable work and is a great resource for businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals.

Check out the portfolio page to see examples of my work and a list of clients I have served. Then, please contact me so I can get to work solving your Web site or tech problems.

Thanks for visiting!