Leemark reaches five-year mark of preparing the Catholic Herald Online

screenshot of former HTML-based Madison Catholic Herald website
A screenshot of the former HTML-based Madison Catholic Herald website.

MADISON — Leemark Communications is proud to mark five years of preparing
the Catholic Herald Online, the Web version of the official newspaper of the Catholic Diocese of Madison.

The website, located at www.madisoncatholicherald.org, is updated weekly in conjunction with the print issue of the Catholic Herald. It can also be updated when breaking news occurs.

The Catholic Herald Online officially debuted with the October 25, 2001 edition, but two previous editions (October 11 and 18) were prepared and posted online first to allow troubleshooting of any problems.

Since then, every single Catholic Herald newspaper issue has been put online by Leemark Communications (though not every article is put in the online edition). This works out to:

  • 242 different weekly editions (there are a few weeks during the year when
    the Catholic Herald does not publish), or
  • more than 51 megabytes of information posted online, or
  • more than 2,265 Catholic Herald Web pages, and
  • many long nights.

The Catholic Herald Online allows people from around the world to read the newspaper on the Web. It also lets people search for and read past online articles.

Much of the credit for this five-year milestone belongs to the Catholic Herald staff, who write many of the articles, edit the content and provide photos and other files to Leemark Communications for posting online.

“A big thanks goes to the Catholic Herald for their business during the past five years,” said Leemark Communications owner Chris Lee.

Leemark Communications designs and hosts websites, produces videos and provides computer consulting.

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