Below are some highlights of Leemark Communications’ work. Please contact me to see other examples, or for an area of work not shown here.

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Web design:

Other Web clients Leemark has served:

I have also built and/or updated Web sites for these clients from Wisconsin and Minnesota:

  • Catholic Herald (Milwaukee)
  • The Compass (Green Bay)
  • Diocese of Green Bay
  • Diocese of Madison
  • Hoene Family
  • inSPIRIT journal
  • International Association of Structural Movers
  • Oshkosh Community Access Television
  • TA-DA Robots
  • Tom’s Drive Ins
  • Wisconsin Milk Haulers Association
  • Wisconsin Movers Association
  • Wisconsin Towing Association

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Video production:

“The Bombing of Sterling Hall” documentary

This 27-minute video was produced in 1998 by Leemark Communications owner Christopher Lee as his graduate project in broadcast journalism at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Video copyright © 1998 Christopher Lee.

Life Assist USA Installation and Testing Video

Leemark Communications shot and edited this video for the Life Assist USA medical alarm system, including preparing the on-screen graphics and text. The final product was uploaded to YouTube and displayed on the client’s Web site.

Check out Leemark Communications’ YouTube channel to see additional examples of my video production work. Or, contact me to see other examples that have not been uploaded to the Internet.

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I have had my photographs published in the following publications:

  • Advance-Titan (Oshkosh, Wisconsin),
  • Catholic Herald (Madison, Wisconsin),
  • Catholic Herald (Milwaukee, Wisconsin),
  • The Compass (Green Bay, Wisconsin),
  • Illinois Technograph (Champaign, Illinois),
  • Milwaukee Sentinel (Milwaukee, Wisconsin),
  • The Northwestern (Oshkosh, Wisconsin), and
  • Wisconsin State Journal (Madison, Wisconsin).

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Graphic design:

Besides the example below, Leemark Communications did some of the graphic design for some of the Web sites listed above.

Youth Jam '97 graphic
  (image © 1997 Diocese of Green Bay)
Youth Jam ’97 graphic

Leemark owner Chris Lee made this graphic for the Youth Jam concert and dance video while employed at the Diocese of Green Bay.

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My articles have been published in the following publications:

  • Advance-Titan (Oshkosh, Wisconsin),
  • Airways Magazine (Miami, Florida),
  • Illinois Technograph (Champaign, Illinois), and
  • Milwaukee Sentinel (Milwaukee, Wisconsin).

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